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a word from the explorer

Follow along as I tell you about my adventures, give travel tips, talk about different destinations, and more.  Quick listens updated weekly - each only lasting 5-7 minutes.



Welcome to the show! 

Let's start with some introductions, a little about the history of my company, and what I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks and beyond.

3 minute listen


state and country visit lists

Lets go over the places I have first hand experience visiting, both in the US and internationally.  Research is wonderful but actual experience visiting places is the best way to know why somehwere is worth your visit.

2017-12-31 12.47.26.jpg


what its like to go somewhere new

New to travel? No worries - let me give you a quick idea of what its like to visit a new place.  Whether its all new foods or a different language, I'll give you some tips to exploring new places.


planes, trains, and automobiles

Today we are talking about different types of transportation to get to your next destination as well as ones you may use to explore once you are there.  From boats to dog sleds to cruise ships, we will talk about them all.

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